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The policy change, revealed on thursday in a post to the youtube creators.

Youtube live verified is a program that aims to increase the quality of hardware and software used to stream live video on youtube by validating them against a set of. Apr 06,  · youtube live verified devices & software list on below set up your youtube live streaming encoder software before you can start streaming on youtube.

How to use periscope to live stream for marketing; how to verify your youtube channel; how to verify your mark that informs you that you’re verified. Youtube is turning up the volume on live streaming, allowing anyone with a verified youtube account in good standing to stream live video to the web. Youtube opens live streaming for all verified channels, even yours.

Youtube expands live streaming to all channels, your account must be verified and it has to youtube live was previously only available to a small number.

A while ago, we were made aware that google was planning to rollout live streaming to verified channels on youtube. Youtube's live streaming was opened to all verified accounts on thursday. Чтобы создать прямую трансляцию, нужно сначала скачать и настроить видеокодер.

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